About EDI

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) is a set of standards which allows organisations exchange data seamlessly to ensure accurate and efficient business transactions. This offers significant cost savings for customers and suppliers alike.

In its full form EDI covers almost all business process from stock reporting and purchase ordering through to goods dispatch and invoicing. However for most businesses in Ireland only a small subset of the message formats applies.

The requirement to interact with the larger multiples through EDI can be a daunting task and can be an impediment to their opening new sales channels. In actual fact it does not need to be. We have addressed this problem by allowing companies easily generate EDI compatible files directly from their accounts system.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) allows businesses exchange information electronically instead of on paper.


For most businesses it only means that they submit their invoices and credit notes electronically.
Some multiples can send purchase orders via EDI. This means the supplier is made aware of the order the minute the order is created and so can have a longer lead time before the goods are despatched.
Some multiples (notably Tesco) may require details of deliveries to be sent via EDI allowing their internal systems know in advance what to expect and when.


Business Software Solutions provide an EDI product suite, helping organisations in Ireland to avail of the opportunities it offers without incurring significant expense.

EDI is an important part of any organisation’s supply chain as it allows them interact multiples without having a large department of staff simply entering information from dockets received from various systems and using different codes to represent the same item.

EDI allows a small supplier submit invoices to such an organisation in an agreed layout. The ability for smaller suppliers to deliver this allows them the opportunity to do business with the multiples.

Otherwise only large suppliers could afford to meet the EDI requirement. Many companies resort to submitting invoices through a web based service. While this achieves the same result, it is very time –consuming and can be prone to data entry errors. Our EDI Product Suite reduce the risk of errors and significantly reduces the time involved.

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